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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bugle Core Earrings

Last week I bought a copy of Bead&Button Magazine, June 2012 issue 109 since I got recommended to get that magazine if I would want an easy tutorial about Bead Embroidery with Soutache braids.
While reading this wonderful magazine (I have to point out that this is the very first time I've gotten myself a copy of Bead&Button, cause of the simple reason that I haven't been able to find a way to purchase the magazine digitally.) I came across a really easy but also fabulous tutorials which incorporated 3mm bugle beads, 1.5mm cube beads, 11/0 cylinders, 15/0 seed beads and 4mm bicones, designed by Barbara Klann.
The techniques used are basically circular peyote and herringbone stitch.

Of course I had to try out this one, they looked so cute in the magazine and I got pretty eager in making my own interpretation of this design.
I decided to work with pretty dark color (can't blame me, that's me; me and dark colors, lol). The bugles I used are in a violet color and are by Miyuki. Now I didn't have any 1.5mm cubes but I had 1.8mm ones from Matsuno, so yeah... only one way to find out if those will work! They did work :3
For my dangle (the design by Barbara is a bit different) I used a cubic zircon tear-drop crystal in amethyst, and I also added a 4mm Swarovski bicone in the same jet color for the ones I used in the center of the piece.

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