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Friday, April 20, 2012

Necklace: Dagr

As I mentioned in my btw post this week I was working on a simple netted lariat necklace, and yep, it's complete.

I haven't been working that much with bead-netting before, so I decided that it was time to refresh myself a bit in this, I must say, very relaxing form of beading.
It is also the first time I made a lariat necklace, which was fun and time consuming. The lariat is about 130cm (51.2") in total, with the tassels included.

The tassels are wooden beads, which I painted with an acrylic gold paint and varnished it. The bead is also covered with bead-netting.
I also mentioned in my bead table post this week that I found a use for this shiny and bright crystal/gold, silver, copper lined 11/0 Czech seed bead mix. I've been having this in my stash (aprox. 1 hank) for a bit more then a year and I'm pleased to say that the WHOLE hank was used for this lariat and not a single seed bead of it remains, lol :D
For the fringe of the tassels, I decided to mix in some 11/0 galvanized Czech gold seed beads to give some non crystal contrast to the piece.

1 comment:

Halinka said...

Dear Ania:
It seems to be very,very,very much interesting.It's enough to see a little of the beautiful fringe and the colors You use...and 'all the hank of seedies' and other beads.This'simple' beadwork seems to me not so simple,as You're trying to express-hahahaa:-))
I also dream of something simple,after that strenuous CRAW and I am making the 'studio of little forms' now-lol:-))Earrings,small,delicate pendant,one ring and I am planning to make the 'beaded heart':-))So,I am simply playing a little with seedies.
Hugs,Ania/ ANIA is the Polish version of Your name.I come originally from Poland-Warsaw and it is my mother's name and my the second one:-))/

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