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Monday, February 25, 2013

Necklace: Hekla

In my previous post I posted a little preview on what I was working on, and yesterday I managed to finally finish up the "Hekla" necklace I mentioned a few words about. Today I also managed to get a few nice photos of it that wasn't totally wrong.

For those that aren't familiar with what Hekla is, she's a volcano on Iceland, the biggest volcano there to be precisely.

The way the inspiration to create this piece came to me was when I had a conversation with a friend about the other big volcano, Ejafjallajökull, that erupted a couple of years ago and interrupted pretty much all the flights worldwide.
We were talking about how some biologist, on the news, mentioned that normally it shouldn't take too much time until Hekla follows Ejafjallajökull, and erupts, as it has been like that before.

The idea of this necklace was to make a volcano silhouette, upside-down with a huge fringe of crystals falling down from the crater.
God... Describing the inspiration in a language that isn't my main one is really hard; I find it hard enough to do it in Swedish, but I do hope you understand where I'm going with this! XD

The materials I used are a load bunch of different beads in different sizes, shapes and finishes in black color. I also added a few gunmetal colored beads here and there to give the piece some depth. For the fringe I used mainly 3 and 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones in red/orange/yellow shades and some red and orange silver lined seed beads as company.
For the clasp, I used an antique gold plated hook clasp, seed beads, 4mm Swarovksi crystal bicones, 8mm round glass beads and two 12mm lava stone beads :3


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Peapod Beads said...

Totally get the volcanic image! Well done, it is amazing, beautiful and ominous at the same time!

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