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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hair Comb: Autumn Fall Colors 2011

This morning I began on a smaller project that I've been having in my mind for a while, ever since I saw the fall colors for this autumn; pink, turquoise and light yellow.
I decided on going a little crazy and use ALL the colors in different shades and make a hair comb using wire and crochet.

For beads I used some 11/0 seed beads in the different colors, some pearls and some Czech glass roundel beads, 28gauge black coated copper wire, 24gauge black coated wire and of course a silver-plated comb which is about 4x5cm (40x50mm - I don't know it in inches, sorry).

For this design, I first made the pieces I wanted to crochet and then I wired them around the holes in the comb in the order I wanted them. Then I began building some little "towers" or whatever we can call them lol.
What I wanted mainly with these towers is that I wanted to be able to twist the crochet ropes around them to bunch 'em up in a nice way.
Also also used some transparent crafting glue here and there, just to make sure the design will forever remain (unless you drive over it with a truck of course :D ).

Personally, I don't really use accessories to decorate my hair and I'm not sure I'm gonna use this either. It was just a fun project which gives some variation to the bead-weaving I'm normally doing. But yeh, if I get any personal requests in the future about more hair combs I won't hesitate.

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