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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Collar: Anubis & Book: Beaded Collars

Finally I manage to actually continue on this piece that I had begun since some while ago. I kinda saw it in front of me, and had already imagine how I wanted it, but didn't really know how to quite finish it off after I made the base that would go snug around the neck.
After I read the book Beaded Collars by Julia S. Pretl I managed to figure out how I could increase the collar so it would fall down from the neck onto the shoulders without having kinks - A perfect pass form in other words!
For anyone that is interested in learning some very basic techniques about beaded collars, I highly recommend reading this book. It gives a lot of tips on designs and also on the mathematical system on how to make beaded collars.

I used simple ladders stitch for my piece and some netting for the center part of the collar. I made the toggle clasp using peyote stitch.
The beads I used were 11/0 seed beads in purple matte iris, 40-50 gram 7mm twisted bugles in purple iris, two 4mm purple glass beads for the toggle clasp and some 11/0 galvanized gold seed beads.

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