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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Necklace: Lickerish

The design for this necklace was pretty random when I started. What I wanted to do before I began to bead this one is that I was browsing through my little gemstone cabochon collection and I found this cab that stood out from the rest of them. Again, I have no idea what sort of gemstone it is as I've bought it in a mix pack. The things that attracted me to this one is the amount of details and shades the cab has, and I began to play around with a different set of seed bead colors to see what would look good along with the cabochon.

To give the piece a little extra flare, I decided to embellish the pendant itself with some labradorite chips. I had a very hard time capture it on photo and it doesn't really show, but each one of the chips have that shiney gather of colors when the light hit them in the right place.

I just get the feeling of some lickerish flavors when I stare at this piece, so yeah... That's why I named it that way, heh.

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