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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Challenge

Phew! Didn't think I would be able to finish this and also get a pretty decent photo of it.
I decided to join in with the April Challenge at "Operation Tackle That Bead Stash!", this month again.
This time the challenge was a bit more about interpretation. The theme was the "beach" basically, and the task at hand was to bead something that is inspired by the theme. The extra twist for the challenge was to incorporate shells in the piece, whatever it be beads, chips, real shells etc.

I started out with a pretty bright color scheme; I noticed this ceramic pendant in a sand-like brown color with some bronze color splashes, and with a golden luster when the light hits it. I then remembered that I had some shells stashed away that I had picked ages ago with my grandma and her husband when we were in Norway - last year I snatched some of those with me when I were visiting them during our vacation.

I laid the two shapes in front of me and began sketching out a silhouette, experimenting and sketching out something that looked good to me.
Now, the shape of the pendant was 100% clear to me, I just began to ponder what I should attach it to. I wanted something slinky and organic looking, and at first I though about making a twisted herringbone rope but at some point I felt that making a beaded rope might actually ruin that "slinkyness" I wanted.
In the end, I looked through my drawer and noticed some of the c-lon beading cord and found a silver grey and a sage green color which looked perfect together. So yeah, I decided on making a braided kumihimo chain for the piece :)

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