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Friday, November 8, 2013

Necklace: I Believe

So the latest piece I created is this little necklace I made using, well mainly bead embroidery as usually.
I didn't really have a clear idea of what I exactly wanted to do, but yeah, a pendant to start with. So it became ones of those things that manifested over time as I was working on it. For some reason I find that type of creating the most relaxing, since it provides you with such a great amount of freedom.

At first I ended up picking out a filigree with a fairy motif that I've been having in my stash for ages, I think it was ones of the very first materials I ever bought, and then it just ended up staying there as I never found a purpose for it. So I ended up playing around with that and the rest of the focal pieces I had chosen to work with. Some I actually decided not to add when the piece began to take form.

I just ADORE the seed bead color I chose for this (Toho #284 - gold lined aqua), but sadly it's so darn hard to find it from any supplier. I think I ordered the 20 gram I still had stored away from, that I ordered through Amazon. I've found another carrier of the color in EU that I'm gonna order from when the time comes. Sadly, I haven't found anyone what so ever that carries the color in other sizes then 11/0, and I need 15/0 as well! Ah, well...

For the chain I decided to make a St. Petersburg chain (one of my very favorite chain stitches), well two, as I wanted to attach each one of them to the upper parts of the pendant and create a V shape.

Have you ever wanted a seed bead color but had a very hard time finding it?
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