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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hair Clip: Siren's Song & Rizo Beads

Yeah, I just couldn't help myself...

I still had the materials out on my bead mat from my previous piece; Necklace: Siren's Song. The materials were really shouting at me inside my head that I should create a hair piece with them, in the similar style as my necklace. I haven't create too many hair pieces, and I ended up choosing to make a hair clip. I kinda had a silhouette in my mind that I wanted to bring to life - using a few of those mother of pearl discs that I included in the necklace.

I liked how the cube beads layered up and gave a lot of shine and a different kind of texture, the way I placed them in the necklace, so I wanted to keep that in the hair clip.

In the necklace I also added those (relative) "new" Rizo beads, just to experiment, and really see what sort of texture they could bring into bead embroidery. I know, the Rizo bead has been around now for at least some months now, but I'm always careful when I buy a new type of bead (don't ask me why, I just am), I mean... Questions starts to pop up in my head: What can I use them in? What colors should I pick? How many grams should I buy? etc. Sometimes I just go on instincts when I buy my beads and sometimes I actually has a plan when in comes to bead colors. I must admit I had exactly the same dilemma when those Twin beads were out last year. I only bought a couple of different colors and some of them I ended up using, some of them I still haven't touched. See were I am going with this?
I've always found it handy to have a big stash and I still do, but what if you would end up getting that question in your head when you're about to buy beads; Will I ever end up using them? I mean, having beads stashed away that you'll never probably gonna use is just taking up unnecessary space.

How about you? Do you sometimes experience dilemma when buying beads? Have you ever given those "Rizo" beads I mentioned a try yet or are you planning to?

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