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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bead Embroidered Hair Clips

I got the inspiration to create these pieces when I was browsing through some beading blog on the internet (Sorry to say, but I can't recall which ones :\ ).
Basically the idea was to incorporate Tila beads, and use them as the focal point of the design.
As I have only a few different colors of Tilas laying around, I started to doodle a design, which would look structured, yet not too complicated. The hair clips I chose are the smaller size (I don't know the measurements out of my head :d ).
To begin, I picked out the tila color I wanted to work with and then chose some complementing colors in other beads and bead sizes. First thing I did was to stitch on the exact amount of tilas that I measured would be needed for what I was going to make, and then after I lined them up I added a row of Miyuki 1.8mm cube beads, which filled up the line nicely. Then I added a new row of 3mm bugles and 15/0, and then the final last row of 15/0's as well. After I cut out the completed piece I attached it directly onto the ultrasuede backing, THEN I (after the glue had dried) glued on the hair clip. After the hair clip had settled with the glue, I began to overlap the pieces of the hair clip with some smaller scraps of ultrasuede to give it a finishing touch.

So, why didn't I glue on the hair clip before attaching the backing?
Believe me, I really wanted to and tried. The problem I had was to measure out exactly where I would have to cut out holes and how big they had to be... It was just too much unnecessary headache which I wanted to go around.
All in all, I'm actually really happy with the result, and I was so happy with the first hair clip (the green with gold) that I decided to create another one, but with different colors.


Gemma said...

Beautiful hairclips Anna. What a fab way to use up a hanful of tilas

Peapod Beads said...

I adore the green hairslide, great use of Tila beads, and bugles (which I tend to forget about)

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